Facial Implants (Cheek, Chin, Mandible)

Facial implants are synthetic materials (silicone, polyethylene) used to improve contour and give volume to some areas of the face. The main locations where a facial implant can be placed are the cheek bone, chin and angle of the mandible.

Facial implants can generally be placed using stock "off the shelf" implants. These are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide range of patients. In some cases more precision or customization is desired and the patient and or surgeon may want to customize the result. They can be placed with only local anesthesia; occasionally, general anesthesia or intravenous sedation is required.

Decreased lower face width.

Site of placement of implants in the mandibular angle.

Adequate lower face width after mandibular implants.

Mild chin hypoplasia.

Placement of implant to correct chin hypoplasia.

Why should I get facial implants instead other methods for facial augmentation?

Facial implants have numerous advantages over other methods of restoring facial volume. Fillers and fat will dissolve and droop over time and cheek or midface lifting procedures will sag over time. Facial implants are fixed to the bones with tiny micro screws, so they will always remain in place and not droop. This makes them the only three dimensional method of cheek rejuvenation that is permanent and won't move. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that if the patient does not like them, they can be removed in 5 minutes! There are not many options that are both permanent and reversible.

Chin implants improve projection and contour in patients with micrognathic and retrognathic profiles. In some cases they are the only alternative to improve the lower face appearance. Especially in males a well define and projected chin is a very attractive feature of the face.

Mandibular angle implants can be used to create a more angled look in both males and females. Some patients are born with rounded posterior jaw features and mandibular angle implants can make the face more angular. Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are commonly referenced when well defined mandibular angles are discussed.

How long will the facial implants last?

They could last decades, maybe forever. Since the implant is placed on the bone, deep beneath the skin, and usually secured with micro screws, it can't move anywhere. Unlike an injectable, fat and lifting procedures, the cheek implants become a permanent part of your facial bones.

How long is the recovery after placement of facial implants?

Recovering from a facial implant is a fast process. Outside of rare cases, most patients return to work after three to four days. Recovery depends upon the amount of swelling that occurs with individual patients as some people swell more than others. In addition, the ability to smile and pucker will be slightly different for the first week to ten days.